Albert is an an INNER EXPANSION COACH since 2010, on a mission to make healthy habits accessible to everyone, by making a positive impact in the lives of 100 million people – by empowering 10,000 coaches to work with 10,000 individuals at a deeper level of understanding of the human body.

His dream is to start skilled based schools in the remote villages of Jharkhand, Bihar and Kerala and also create sustainable development opportunities to Empower Local Economics at large.

One of his dream project for Kerala is to create a “HEALTHY HAPPY ISLAND” which is in the similar concept of Auroville at Pondicherry.

Over the years I Co-founded:


2. Strength Stream Corporation (a personalized body guard & training service)

3. Pupils Olympic Federation

4. Universal Training & Research Institute

5. UTRI Gurukul World School

He use Energy Healing and Natural Diet as major tools in all his areas of work such as managing Autism in children, reversal of lifestyle diseases such as Obesity, Hypertension, Cardiac Blocks including Diabetes.

His life mantra, “Because You Matter” enables me to help individuals to connect with their true self through the medium of health.

Albert Y Zachariya