Anju Sharma

The essence of life is humanity. The more you help others, the more you help yourself.
This has been her mantra for as long as Anju Sharma can remember. This is the motto she has sworn by throughout all personal and professional matters- this is the motto that has directed her for more than a decade in the field of Human Resource Management (HRM).

All the projects Anju Sharma taken up until now have been a way to provide a new perspective to already existent policies; a humanitarian perspective, that values connections and relationships before anything else. In the field of Human Resource, it is this vision that has not only improved her performance as a professional, but has also increased her engagement with employees. Her expertise from stepping up the corporate ladder has now diversified to a warmer, more colored approach, where retaining employees, developing relationships, protection of whistle-blowers, providing compensation & benefits, research and analysis and ESOP management has taken solid shape on the foundation of this premise alone.

Anju’s aim has been to close the gaps that exist between professional and personal relationships. Throughout her career, she has seen that it is real communication and empathy that connects you with people, it is the knack of being an attentive listener that brings people to your side and makes them see you as an ally. So, whether it is managing communications with employees and supporting them as their point of contact from orientation to exit, or liaising with governmental and advisory bodies and networking with industry leaders, there can be no scope for error in endeavors that involve real lives.

Her biggest and truly most impactful stint with Standard Chartered equipped me with not only the insight she needed to harmonize over ten thousand professionals, but also molded me into someone who valued the singularity and individuality of every culture, reason, and heartbreak.

Through the length of her career she has traveled to locations all over India, she has become acquainted with new ways and customs at every other step. She has seen the problems that afflict people and the dilemmas that they come face to face with. Both within and outside the purview of her profession She has realized the role that proper guidance at the right time can play. People do not fail intentionally; they do not like to lose when faced with adversities or life-changing choices. It is their circumstances, a lack in support, a fault in the mental and emotional boundaries that holds them back. The ideas that took hold of her mind after living so closely the experiences of the people she came across were honed and refined further with her posting in the North as an Employee Relations officer.

This was a turning point for her career as well as the trajectory of her personal growth. She personally aligned HR operations with current and relevant equal employment opportunities (EEOS) labor laws and ensured that the process worked smoothly for everyone involved. She learnt the impact that the introduction of fair pay practices, policies, approaches and systems that comply with Minimum and Payment Wages acts can have. Gradually, she was able to transform the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) into a successful employee benefit plan which helped even non productive employees become a part of the central initiatives. It was there that she understood that a workplace which does not treat all of its employees by the same standard and remains indifferent to their needs is a toxic workplace. Sure, when you are part of a structure, hierarchies exist, but at the end of the day, a machine is useless if even one screw falls out of place, and equal opportunities and fair dealings make the crux of not just an individual’s, not just an organization’s but an entire society’s success.

It was to sow the seed for this change that a few years down the line she decided to start Huntover – an HR consultancy that supports its clients through ever major milestone of career and life. From the moment a person crosses the threshold of graduation to the time they are satisfied with their position in life, Huntover provides multilevel support and counseling. It ensures that everyone is able to realize their maximum potential without doubts and second thoughts. Most of all it is a way for me to actualize the idea that has led me to realize my own potential, which has made me who her she is today – helping others is the way you help yourself.

If there is something that can define her journey, it is the idea of breaking limits, whether they are imposed professionally or personally. Nobody should stop you from being you, not even yourself. And as long as you remain empathetic, are loyal to your journey, open to new ideas and ready to step up when it comes to helping both yourself and others, everything, eventually, always falls into place.