Peter Mansfield graduated from Oxford Air Training School and subsequently went on to fly commercial airliners for Air UK flying Fokker F27, Dan Air flying BAC1-11 and in 1988  British Airways flying Boeing 737, Boeing 747-100, 200 series Boeing 777-200 and finally the Boeing 747- 400.

Having obtained his command in British Airways in 1993 as one of the youngest at the time, he went on to become a Senior Management Pilot reporting directly to the board within British Airways holding the position of Senior Manager Communications and Business.

Whilst flying professionally, Peter has always been involved in the business sector of life having successfully run many companies worldwide.

During this time, Peter created a significant property portfolio in the UK and overseas being residential and commercial.

Peter created and is the Founder, President and CEO of The World Property Network – TWPN concept, brand, website and the new TWPN Property Ping Drive-by APP lead generation tool.

After identifying the profound frustration experienced by both the property industry and the buying public for international property searching and therefore went about creating the ultimate property search tool for global property trading.

This was driven by Peter’s own experiences of trading in overseas property for many years as an entrepreneur and investor. 

TWPN is currently hosting probably the biggest global property listing portfolio of now over 4.5 million properties.

TWPN is currently covering all property types, Residential For Sale, Rentals, Commercial, New Build, Off Plan and investment portfolios via the unique TWPN Dealing Room, which is a by-invitation only for the global elite property investors.

Peter invented, designed, and created the new drive-by APP concept, the TWPN Property Ping, which is set to revolutionise how all property types and property transactions are traded globally.

Peter’s vision is to create and build the largest and most highly respected global property brand, and in doing so cover many property related services worldwide, for example, TWPN FX, TWPN Immigration, TWPN BANK, TWPN CAPITAL, TWPN Mortgages etc.