Sanjay Kumar Agarwal

People have the potential to achieve what seems impossible. Dr Agarwal play his part to help them ignite that belief, become goals-oriented, sharpen their communicative intelligence, and learn strategies and secrets to achieve their desired outcome at a rapid pace.

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Agarwal- A Growth Accelerator Coach, GOPTA-NLP Master Trainer, Author and now a Certified Master Trainer of NLP + Lifestyle.

GOPTA is his trademark ultimate growth model which provides you the thought process of remaining goals-oriented and possess a positive outlook while taking persistent actions towards your goals.

Combining this growth model with the science of NLP and various other communicative intelligence modalities, Dr Agarwal created a path-breaking mastery program – Ethical Mind Influencing Mastery.

Since the launch of this program, he has helped countless people to shatter their all limiting inner-beliefs and take-back control of their life by improving communications & modeling strategies of success & growth in quick succession.

He is also the Founder of International GOPTA NLP Academy where he is offering aspiring people across the globe come to India, learn this growth model and then impart the knowledge gained to their countrymen under the certification of International GOPTA NLP Academy.

He has penned bestselling books like ‘How to Add 1000 Productive Hours A Year to Your Life’ (English & Hindi both) and ‘Sleep – It’s Body Repair Time’ (English & Hindi both) and my upcoming book is ‘Business Excellence with GOPTA NLP’. He also conduct workshops titled ‘Ethical Mind Influence’ & ’Convert More Clients’.

His present areas of focus are to conduct workshops at India, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Mauritius.