IFBIC provides you a platform to stay connected with its members (member constituents, institutions, Central and State Government Officials, Diplomats, Influencers, Startups etc) to enhance your business and personal relationship by experts, experiences and neophytes zest.

IFBIC provides you tremendous opportunities, physical and virtual platforms to develop your connections and grow together.

IFBIC provides clarification on major policy issues and redressal of problems of members both at National and International Level of Ministers, Seniors Officials, Advisers, Private & Government governing bodies.

IFBIC networking eases your issues through Internal and External Physical as well as Digital Campaigning, Lobbying Eligible Government and Private sector representatives.

IFBIC produces well researched Initiatives, Networking, Documents and Associations.

IFBIC provides opportunities to participate in tremendous National and International seminars, webinars, meetings, round table discussions, one to one virtual discussions, training programs and experts services.

IFBIC enhances your potential and abilities by direct or one to one interactions with the CEOs, Officials and International Corporate Bodies.

IFBIC provides Labor Advisory Services to its members.

IFBIC provides a International platform of Power Connectors and the Executors to build connecting, learning, earning and executing international profitable personal and professional relationships.

IFBIC organizes physical as well as virtual meetings with the International Delegates, International Agencies, and different International Federations of Business and Networking.

IFBIC takes business delegations to different countries to explore possibilities for enhancing bilateral trade and joint ventures.

IFBIC propagate commercial and economic information including trade enquiries, tenders received from international bodies.

IFBIC provides one stop Certification of Export related documents including Certificate of Origin and Visa recommendation letters for business promotion visits.

IFBIC plans, develops, connects and executes an effective B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Company) marketing plan through the Federations’ various sponsorship opportunities.

IFBIC creates opportunities to reach across the board through advertising in our monthly digital magazine.

IFBIC invites Zealous Young Entrepreneurs to a common platform. It creates wonderful opportunities for young entrepreneurs to pitch their deck to the corporates as well as it creates opportunities for corporates to look out for new intellectual revolutionary ideas.

IFBIC propagates comprehensive information through notices, messages, emails, social media, newsletters and circulars.

IFBIC provides updates on latest activities,  programmes, through the federations’ Monthly Digital Magazine.

IFBIC strengthen your Corporate Social Responsibility by participating in Social Welfare Activities and Community Development Programmes of the Federation through Social Welfare Foundations.

IFBIC Recognizes and Rewards excellence in its members’ specialization at our awards ceremonies.