Objectives of IFBIC are:

i. To protect the interests of business community as a whole.

ii. To develop a sense of cooperation among our members.

iii. To collect and supply useful information to the members.

iv. To advise the Government on matter relating to trade, commerce, federation and industry.

v. To consult the Central and State Governments on matters relating to trade, commerce, federation and industry.

vi. To assist the Government in making budget by expressing views on different sectors of the country’s economy.

vii. To bring to the notice of the Government the impact of various laws and regulations on business.

viii. To make the members aware of changes in the field of technology, marketing, financing, human resources, etc.

ix. To talk to foreign businessmen and explore the areas where Indian businessmen can cooperate and participate.

x. To draw plans and projects for encouraging the growth of trade, federation and commerce in the country.

xi. To carry on research for the benefit of members.

xii. To protect the environment from industrial pollution.

xiii. To organize educational and training facilities for the members.

xiv. To provide legal advice to members.