Rajanish Singh

Mr. Rajanish Singh having 8 years work experience in milk procurement, Selling Dairy products, handling entire dairy business successfully.


We started Gomti Dairy in 2012 with capacity of 2000 liter milk procurement per day and now we collects 10,000 liter fresh milk per day from farmers and vendors and sale to powder plants. Now we are planning to expand business:

(1) To expand Milk collection from 10,000 to 50,000 liter per day in 2022 – 2023 financial year.

(2) To setup milk processing plant with 10000 liter capacity per day where we will make many value-added dairy products like Fresh Milk, Paneer, Curd, Ghee, Lassi, Khoa and Traditional Local Sweets.

Supporting Farmers at each stage of their requirements.

(1) We collect milk from direct farmers through Village Level Milk Collection Centers.

(2) Due to our direct relationship with farmers, apart from Milk, we are planning to acquire all farm products like Vegetables, Pulses, Grains etc and will supply directly to the surrounding Cities Market, Malls, and bulk buyers like ITC, Patanjali, Dabur, etc to reduce the cost of multiple mediators between farmers and end users

(3) Our Each Milk Collection Centers will also act as Selling Center of our End Dairy Products, Cattle Feed, Animal Medicines and other dairy farming products and equipments.

(4) To Support Farmers, we are planning to setup a microfinance company or tie-up with good microfinance company in future and company give group loan to our farmers for cattle and agriculture and we pay to farmers for his milk and other product after deduction of our loan premium and interest.

Gomti Dairy Vision:

• To become a leader in the Indian Dairy Industry, while retaining our Indian traditions and family values by the first choice of Suppliers, Consumers and Employees

Gomti Dairy Mission:

• Inspire sustained growth for our entire workforce and farmers who have engaged in long term partnerships with us.

Kea Team behind the Dream:

Mr. Avnish Singh is a dairy technologist with two decades working expertise with prominent Dairies at higher level of management along with Dairy Engineering degree.
Who has gained expertise into the industry in the area of:

(1) Dairy Technology

(2) Management and Business Strategy

(3) Milk procurement and supply

(4) Selling Dairy Products

•  Demonstrated excellent trouble shooting capabilities while upgrading many low profits making dairy plants in to financially viable units by implementing turn around plans.

•  Proven ability in project planning, economical execution and timely commissioning for minimizing project implementation costs.

• Application of effective customer oriented marketing and advertisement strategies, produced exceptionally good results.

• Demonstrated effective human resource development and communication skills resulted in substantial reduction in manpower and related costs.

•  Excellent business management skills demonstrated in terms of maximum profits, productivity and quality of dairy products.

• All round organizational skills well applied to create new performance records in key result areas.