Guided and Coached various Leaders among the Top Industries and multiplied the Personal & Professional Growth.

He is the founder of the fastest growing Community of Entrepreneurs popularly known as Promote Your Brand. Community has more than 8300 entrepreneurs with a vision to make local brands global… He is building the biggest community of entrepreneurs where actually help happens.

He also has a family business of Investments into all the global trade exchanges across the globe.

Sunny, specializes in people development for Leaders, senior managers, and Teams. He combines his business experience and people development knowledge to design and deliver solutions that are practical, fun, and specific to the participants’ daily work environment. He achieves this through a combination of coaching, facilitation, and experiential learning methodology.

A key area of interest for Sunny is utilizing neuroscience and psychometrics to help participants to:

  • understand why they do what they do
  • create and practice practical new actions that are specific to their work environment
  • create habits that can be consistently practiced ensuring successful behavioral change back in the workplace

Sunny designs and runs programs across a range of topics including but not limited to: communication, collaboration and motivation, willpower, feedback, coaching, planning and execution, strategy, problem solving, creativity, decision making, influencing and motivating, sales and presentation skills, learning and self-development, understanding self and others, leading and managing the younger generation and work-life balance, Team Development, Service Excellence, Goal Setting, Motivation, Leadership, Building Future Teams.

Sunny is originally from India. He has lived in India for over 34 years and currently lives in New Delhi with his Wife, Brother, and Mother. He is a serial entrepreneur and wish to serve the country via making local brand global.

Sunny Sharma