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The mission of the International Federation of Business Intellectuals and Change-makers (IFBIC) is to provide resources and opportunities for professional development to individuals and organizations involved in industries through the influencers and change-makers.

The members of the (IFBIC) come from all facets of the industry, colleges and universities, proprietary schools, corporate trainers, independent speaker, independent trainers, legal scholars, authors, technology innovators and classroom educators who work directly with startups and corporates. IFBIC works to create and sustain an environment conducive to the development of its' associated members, partnering corporate bodies, individuals, influencers, leaders, Government and civil society, through advisory and consultative processes.

With a magnum opus dream of New World (International Relations) IFBIC works as a conduit between the industry and the Government of the respective countries. The Federation is an dexterous and forward looking institution, leading various initiatives to enhance the global collaboration of the International Industries and associated members.

Join AREAA Global India

Join AREAA Global India

The for-profit arm of AREAA National with a special focus on expanding AREAA’s connections to international real estate practitioners and investment opportunities around the globe. After years of collaborating with real estate and investment groups throughout the world, AREAA Global is serving as an exclusive platform for referrals and business opportunities for AREAA members.

Networking with colleagues is one of the main benefits members receive from IFBIC. Connect with the people and information to advance your programs and your endeavor.

Network with influencers, Investors Venture Capitalists, trainers and fellow educators at the IFBIC physically as well as virtually.
IFBIC is dedicated to keeping up with trends in the rapidly evolving industries. Original research, practical knowledge, product recommendations, insights from leaders in the field, and more, will cut your development time and give you more time to focus on results.






International Federation of Business Intellectuals & Change-makers