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International Federation of Business Intellectuals & Changemakers


IFBIC is the organization that represent the interests of businesses in a several regions and industries. The primary role of IFBIC is to promote economic development, support local businesses, and advocate for policies that benefit the business community. Some specific roles of IFBIC are:

Advocacy: IFBIC advocate for policies that benefit businesses, such as tax breaks or regulatory reforms. We also lobby government officials on behalf of the business community.

Networking: IFBIC provide opportunities for businesses to connect with each other and build relationships. We host events such as mixers, seminars, and workshops, where members can share ideas and collaborate.


IFBIC offer educational resources to help businesses succeed, such as training programs, webinars, and newsletters.


IFBIC promote it's members' businesses through advertising, referrals, and other marketing initiatives.

Economic Development

IFBIC work to attract new businesses to the region and support existing businesses to grow and expand.

IFBIC support and promote the growth and success of the businesses in their region, while advocating for policies that support economic development and sustainability.


IFBIC is often involved in community events and initiatives, such as festivals, charity drives, and other community-building efforts.


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