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Global Organic Expo

Igniting the Organic Farming Revolution in India

The Global Organic Expo, organized with meticulous precision by Iconex, has emerged as a beacon of innovation and sustainable agriculture. Drawing the attention of international delegates, ministers, foreign embassies, India's administrative officers, agro-industry entrepreneurs, farmers, and participants, this three-day exhibition has made a profound impact on the promotion and education of organic farming and its industrialization in India. With the active involvement of various governmental departments, the Expo has become a focal point of attraction for all those passionate about the future of farming.

A Visionary Leadership:

At the forefront of this transformative event is Mr. Manoj Mishra, a dynamic leader driven by the desire to create a win-win situation for all participants. His vision revolves around unlocking numerous business opportunities for Expo attendees, enabling their exponential growth. By facilitating their introduction to the international market, Mr. Mishra aims to revolutionize organic farming practices in India, fostering profitability and efficient management.

Advancing International Relationships:

One of the key outcomes of the Global Organic Expo is the nurturing of international relationships. By bringing together stakeholders from various nations, this platform not only promotes trade and collaboration but also educates Indian farmers on the concepts of profitable and well-managed organic farming. With a global perspective, these farmers gain valuable insights into cutting-edge techniques and sustainable practices that can transform their operations.

The Role of IFBIC:

Mr. Amresh Kumar Singh, the esteemed president of the International Federation of Business Intellectuals and Changemakers (IFBIC), was offered the opportunity to participate in the Expo as a member of the Advisory Committee. Thanks to the introduction by Mrs. Shanu Batra, a friend of Mr. Mishra, Mr. Singh attended alongside Mr. Sanjay Kumar Agarwal, the Patron of IFBIC, and Mr. Umesh Kumar Tanwar, a respected member of the organization. During a brief but impactful conversation with Mr. Mishra and the IFBIC team, Mr. Singh expressed his commitment to exploring commercial and educational prospects emerging from the Expo. This commitment will allow participants to delve into the wider scope of national and international farming trade, opening doors to new possibilities.

A Grateful Acknowledgment:

The International Federation of Business Intellectuals and Changemakers (IFBIC) extends heartfelt gratitude to the Global Organic Expo, Mr. Manoj Mishra, and Ms. Shanu Batra for the invitation extended to their esteemed team. Recognizing the Expo's potential as a catalyst for change, the IFBIC stands united in its commitment to promoting sustainable agriculture and fostering transformative initiatives in India.


As the Global Organic Expo blazes a trail in the realm of organic farming and its industrialization, it serves as a powerful reminder of the immense potential that lies within sustainable practices. With Mr. Manoj Mishra's visionary leadership, the Expo paves the way for a prosperous future for participants, introducing them to international markets and fostering exponential growth. Supported by the invaluable contributions of organizations like IFBIC, this exhibition heralds a new era of change in India's agricultural landscape—a transformation that will undoubtedly resonate far beyond its borders.

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